Saturday, July 14, 2012

Steak Kabobs marinated with Maggi: part 2

This isn't a part two as much as it is an epilogue to part one.  Last night I marinated some beef with soy sauce and Maggi and some other things, find the recipe in part one.  Today we grilled it on a little charcoal grill with regular old Kingsford brand charcoal.  We don't use lighter fluid; I usually gather dry little sticks and things from the area to build a small fire to catch the coals.  You can never really get the taste of lighter fluid out of the food when you use it, so I choose not to.  Maybe someday I'll write about fire building and cooking in the wilderness.   To avoid legal entanglements it's important to use fire pits or grills in designated grilling areas when in the city.

The marinade smelled great before, during, and after grilling.  The marinade also tasted great when it was time to eat.  The cuts of meat, however, were pretty tough.  I cooked them until they were a little charred on the outside and the inside was pink to red.  Everything about them seemed perfect, but the meat was tough and chewy.  I will absolutely try this marinade again, but there's a reason this beef was the cheapest at BJ's.  Next time I'll spring for a better cut of beef.

We didn't have any skewers so we just used tongs

Just a little charred on the outside

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